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Thoughts are tax free”

— Martin Luter


Taxation plays a part in all the decisions, transactions and, generally, in all the economic activities of companies and individuals. Any assessment on the legal or economic procedure of a transaction must take into account the corresponding tax obligations that must be met.

We advise our clients on the planning and proper compliance with their tax obligations.

General tax consultacy

  • Comprehensive fiscal support and advice to mercantile companies, businesses and professionals.
  • Tax advice to companies and individuals.
  • Consultancy on the application of different taxes (Personal Income Tax, Corporate Tax, Value Added Tax, Tax on Property Transfers and Document Duties, deductions, cross-border transactions, transactions with non-residents, etc.).

Corporate groups

  • Comprehensive fiscal support and consultancy to corporate groups.
  • Taxation and fiscal obligations of transfer pricing and related transactions.
  • Special regimes for corporate groups.

International taxation

  • Taxation on transactions with non-residents or in relation to any taxes paid abroad.
  • Taxation on transactions with subsidiaries and/or permanent establishments.
  • Taxation of expatriates and inpatriates.
  • VAT taxation and retention obligation for international or cross-border transactions.
  • Taxation on income paid to non-residents.
  • Transfer pricing analysis regarding international transactions.

Corporate and company restructuring

  • Taxation on company restructuring transactions.
  • Taxation on business purchase and sale transactions.
  • Due Diligence taxation on restructuring and business purchase or sale transactions.

Family and assets taxation

  • Counselling on the transfer relating to inheritance matters and company succession (Tax on Inheritance and Donations, Capital Gains Tax).

Tax administration, collection and inspection

  • Processing of documents, requirements, returns and, generally, of tax management procedures.
  • Requests for postponements, follow-up in foreclosure proceedings and other tax collection processes.
  • Client representation and assistance relating to tax relations with the Tax Authorities (inspections, checking and verification procedures, etc.).

Litigious tax matters

  • Appeals and claims against tax authorities assessments before administrative and judicial court.

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