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Labour Law

To work is to permanently infuse life with meaning”

— Victor Blüthgen

Labour relationships

Labour relations are an essential aspect of business management where the regulations are particularly dense and variable. We provide assistance and guidance in this legal area.

Employment counselling

  • Contracting.
  • Changes in working conditions.
  • Disciplinary regime.
  • Termination of employment contract.
  • Inspections.
  • Social Security Payments.

Due diligence

  • Regulation compliance verification, and detection and assessment of the possible contingencies that may arise, both in the context of a company acquisition or merger process, as well as in the case of other company concerns or requirements.

Senior Management

  • Assistance in all areas relating to senior management contracts; especially in the preparation and drafting of the contracts and in the remuneration systems and their termination.

Corporate Reestructuring and Crisis Situations

  • Review, advising and implementation of restructuring processes or reduction in staff.
  • Analysis of adequate labour measures that contribute to solving the situations of economic crisis.

Collective Bargaining

  • Negotiation and drawing up of company level collective agreements.
  • Negotiation and counselling in consultation phases prior to adopting collective measures.

Labour litigation

  • Assistance in all type of conflicts related to employment law that have to be settled before the courts of justice or arbitration institutions.

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