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Foundations and Associations

Small things bloom through mutual understanding”

— Gai Sal·lusti Crisp

Non-profit entities

We are well aware of the increasing importance of non-profit entities in today’s society. We provide solutions to all the particularities relating to these entities.


  • Advising on the process of incorporating foundations, associations and other non-profit organisations.
  • Advising on the drafting, reviewing and modification of the articles of association and any contractual advice.
  • Legal secretariat; advising on the governing body, including handling their secretaryship and legal consultancy to employers and executive board members.
  • Negotiation and drawing up of all types of agreements and contracts.
  • Corporate responsibility of employers and senior managers.
  • Dissolution and liquidation of the founding assets.
  • Application of the tax regime for non-profit organisations and patronage incentives.

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