Legal, Tax & Advisory

The past is in the present”

– Maurice Maeterlinck

International service

We are part of an international network of independent firms since 1989.

Laudis provides its services to international clients in the main areas of Law practice, legal, labour, tax and management (outsourcing). Among other services, we advise on the incorporation of subsidiaries and branches, as well as their day-to-day running, company acquisition processes, transfer pricing and services to expatriates and inpatriates.

Laudis is part of Nexia International, one of the first ten networks of independent professionals in the consulting and auditing world in terms of turnover.

Many years of personal and professional relationships with Nexia members, of exchanging information and case studies, as well as actively participating in specific study groups, driven by our members’ client needs, allows Laudis to offer comprehensive support to whoever makes the decision of going beyond borders.