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Marlene Brito

Marlene Brito

Marlene Brito Plasencia joined Laudis in 2018 after being in charge of the accountancy of a group of companies from different sectors; amongst those ones, advisory firms. That experience led her to assume the responsibility, already at Laudis, on the preparation of the financial statements of different companies apart from self-assessments of periodical taxes.


  • University Degree in Economics, subspecialty in Accounting, UCV, 1994, certified also by MEC in 1995.
  • Practice and Management on Taxation, Monographic on Accountancy, Tax and Labour —International VAT transactions, Centre of Financial Studies, 2018-2019.


  • Economists Association of Barcelona, 2018.
  • Accountancy and Business Administration Association of Catalonia, 2018.


  • English